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Our Vision & Mission

Imagine a world where young minds flourish, unbound by doubt and fueled by purpose. That’s the world Me4real International envisions—a place where every child, youth and young adult discovers their unique potential to live a life bursting with purpose.

We’re on a mission to empower the youth to uncover and harness their innate talents, to become the co-creators of positive change that God designed them to be in their communities and the wider world.

Who We Are

We’re dreamers, believers, and doers.

We stand for destiny, identity, confidence, and community. We’re here to help you:

– Embrace God’s love that celebrates your individuality.
– Forge a secure identity to navigate life’s tapestry with purpose.
– Cultivate the confidence to make life choices boldly and authentically.
– Unlock your potential and carve out a career path that resonates with who you were made to be.
– Master life and entrepreneurial skills to thrive in career and community.
– Nurture character and integrity, to become someone who leaves a trail of positive impact everywhere you go.

What we believe

– That God is the creator of the world and everything in it.

– That human beings were made to live in fellowship with God.

– That our lives should flow out of this inward union with our Creator.

– That true freedom is impossible apart from a personal relationship with Jesus.

So here is the Good News

God loves you and desires to see you live in complete freedom.

The emptiness you feel is a sign that a gap exists between you and God because you try to live life your own way.

He sent His Son Jesus to pay the price for your sin. Basically, Jesus became what you are so that you can become the person that God made you to be.

Today, you can begin a personal relationship with Jesus by opening up your heart to Him.


Our Strategy

In July 2018. We launched our L.E.A.D. Now Strategic Plan (LNSP) which describes the roadmap for our organization between now and 2028 namely building healthy leaders of all ages as a way of equipping those we work with to live their uniqueness. It described our commitment to;
- Live authentically
- Engage intentionally
- Adapt strategically
- Develop holistically.

Our Motto

"Unleash Your Uniqueness for a Better World." Our uniqueness is the spice that God gave us to make life taste better for the communities around us. Unleashing it requires intentionality and that is your responsibility.

Our Roots

Me4real's story begins with a teenager's quest for identity—a journey from conformity to the liberation of embracing one's unique self. It's a tale of discovery, resilience, and the birth of a movement dedicated to empowering others to find their true selves and live authentically in the unconditional love of God.

Our Team

Meet the exceptional individuals driving our success. Our team is a blend of talent, passion, and expertise, working seamlessly to turn visions into reality. From leaders shaping strategies to specialists executing with precision, we're a dynamic force committed to excellence.

The Me4real Story

Exhausted from a combination of trying very hard to be what everyone else wanted her to be, comparing herself with others in her life (especially her big sister), and competing to attract and keep her family’s attention as one of six children, she came to the conclusion that there must be more to her life. There had to be more to her being born in the family, community, society and country into which she was born than simply compliance. Fueled by a longing for something more (bigger, better, more fulfilling), she ventured, almost by accident, into a territory that seemed to give her freedom to be herself – her uniqueness. Having tried to be, do, and look like others without success, the lure of uniqueness was irresistible. It was almost as if the hard work from all her previous years had finally paid off in the most unexpected ways. Who would have thought that the agony in her soul could be satisfied by something as simple as “just be yourself”? Yet the more she dared to be the version of herself that she discovered through searching the pages of the same Bible that many used to box her in and cultivating intimacy with Jesus, the happier she was. All the pressure from trying to impress people was gone and she was free to just be.

As freeing as this newfound territory was for her, it wasn’t without its own challenges. She had many insecurities linked to her physical self not the least of which were the size of her head, her complexion, and height. A few times she caught herself in the heat of the competition and comparison that had worn her out, but every time she found that wandering off into what she was trying to overcome made it harder, not easier, to find fulfillment. And so through a combination of resolve, courage and trust in the God who designed her for a time as this, she determined that she would pour all her energies into being more than who she was – who she was made to be. And thus began her journey of identity, purpose, self-acceptance and fulfillment. There have been many twists and turns but it didn’t take long after her resolve for her to realize that the struggle was not unique to her. That realization birthed a new passion in her – to help others navigate the challenges of adolescence and young adulthood with help. And that is how what began as a teenage girl’s journey towards fully embracing her uniqueness grew to become an organization – Me4real International.

We are surrounded on the one hand by many adolescents and young adults who are struggling with identity and personality issues. They need help to confront the trauma, hurts, guilt, and shame from their upbringing in order to embrace the freedom to live fruitful lives. On the other hand, we have parents who, in doing the best they can to raise their children, sadly perpetuate the same cycle of compliance, comparison and competition which they themselves are victims of. Others try to live their lives all over through their children by forcing them to get into professions and careers which they (the parents) want for them. If nothing is done to break the cycle, future generations will relive the pain of the generations before them further plunging society into a deep abyss.

It is to change the narrative for children, youths, parents, leaders, teachers, etc. that Me4real exists. We started working mainly with teenagers and then extended to include adults as well in response to the numerous requests we received at different events. In 2017, the plight of children in some parts of Cameroon caught our attention. The deep desire to make these freeing truths available to kids led to what is today known as Kids4real.

Why Me4real?

Our CEO’s personal journey serves as the foundation of Me4real. The struggles with identity, personality, and purpose experienced during adolescence fueled the desire to create a space where individuals could find true purpose. Growing up, there was a constant struggle between personal aspirations and the practical circumstances of life. The CEO’s story reflects the challenges of comparing oneself to others and succumbing to societal pressures. This personal journey of discovering God’s purpose became the genesis of Me4real – an organization dedicated to helping others embark on a similar transformative journey.

At Me4real International, we understand the complexities of growing up and the need for guidance in navigating life’s challenges. Join us on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and transformation as we collectively embrace our uniqueness for a better world.

Putting our funds to work

At Me4real International, we channel our resources to make a difference. Every franc we deploy is a commitment to positive change, driving impact in communities, and fostering transformation of lives through strategic, purposeful investments.

Want to join our team?

Ready to create lasting impact? Explore opportunities to be part of our dynamic team. If you’re passionate about changing society one heart at a time, we want to hear from you. Take the next step towards a rewarding journey with Me4real International.