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We are a group of individuals passionately engaged in inspiring and equipping children, youths, and adults to identify, nurture, and optimize their inherent potential to glorify God and positively impact society.

Who We Are

Me4real is a nonprofit that helps children, adolescents, and adults live in line with their unique makeup and the purpose for which they were created to experience fulfillment in their personal lives and catalyze transformation in their relationships, communities, and the world.

What We Do

In a world where most people struggle to make sense of the realities of their lives and where baggage from the past easily interferes with their ability to live fulfilled lives, we seek out practical ways to inspire those we serve to take practical steps towards discovering their uniqueness, living it, and creating their unique impact.


We help people
find themselves

Through a combination of events, book studies, programs, mentoring/coaching, we are here to engage you on an exhilarating journey of self-discovery during which you will get the help you need to soar above life’s pressures and connect with your true identity and purpose.


We build relationships of trust

In a world where guilt and shame rob us of the connection, we all desire, we come alongside you and build a web of trustworthy relationships which provide the safety you need to embrace vulnerability, live in authenticity, and find the freedom you need to be unapologetically you.


We create environments of grace

What if there was place where your flaws could be met with unconditional love? Where you could be open about the worst parts of you and be loved, not less, but more in the telling of them? We go beyond dreaming about such a place to creating a place of refuge where every story us cherished.


We empower people to find significance

We are each designed to add value to the communities we belong to and deep down inside we yearn to do so. But often trauma from our past and other hurts dim our light. Together, we can rekindle it and empower ourselves to live lives of destiny glorifying God and enriching humanity in the process.

When I sent my children to the Me4real Summer Program, they were both very shy and unable to face a crowd. As this program progressed, I was surprised to notice significant changes in them, and it gives me great joy to sit here today and have such a wonderful time with other parents. Me4real has brought out potential in my children that I did not even know existed. My relationships with them have grown tremendously. Thank you for all the investment you have made in our children. Next year, I will be sending more children here from my school because the impact I have noticed is phenomenal. Me4real, I would equally like to partner with you to impact the lives of all the students at my school during the academic year.

Mr. Nformi Emmanuel Parent of adolescents

I have always wanted my daughter Rejoice to belong to a place where she can be helped to be a responsible citizen whose life would transform the communities in which we live. I thank God for this program because I have seen a lot of changes in her life. I can tell that she has learned more respect, she is more responsible, and I am looking forward to all that life has in store for her. Helping my children focus on what they want to be tomorrow is a wonderful contribution. As someone who never planned for her own future but just stumbled into it, I am very grateful that I can give my children the opportunity that I never had at their age. Thank you Me4real.

Nkwain Velms Parent of adolescent

Aunty, thank you for building this beautiful place for us. I want to say that God should bless you so that you can build more beautiful places like this to help children like me. I have learned how to be a respectful child who is intentional about pursuing your goals. I want to be a doctor when I grow up and I have learned what to do to see that dream come true.

Caris 8 years old

Me4real has taught me that character is who you are whether someone sees you or not. We have been taught how to be responsible. We also learned how to pursue our goals. To achieve your goals you must pray to the Holy Spirit, learn new things, ask someone who knows the thing to teach you and you must show by your action what you are trying to achieve.

Liz-Gracious 7 years old

Me4real offers a sanctuary for all God's children. I am profoundly thankful to God for guiding me to join this transformative movement. It has empowered me to emerge as my authentic self, fostering my ability to speak out and express myself—truly a miraculous growth. Through EHR, one of its core strategies, my perspective on relationships, particularly marriage, has shifted, equipping me to navigate marital challenges more adeptly. This movement has been instrumental in deepening my service to God, enhancing my experiential knowledge of Him, and leading me to a more fulfilling engagement with my purpose....

The Don Team Member

My experience with Me4real has profoundly blessed my family life. I once grappled with my husband's communication style within our relationship, yearning and praying for enhancement. Miraculously, that enhancement has materialized and continues to flourish daily. His fulfillment through service has infused our marriage with a newfound stability. It was only upon my integration into Me4real that I truly learned to trust God—a trust that has since grown into a deeply rooted relationship of love and devotion. As I continue my service, I am confident this divine bond will only strengthen further

Helene Zebong Team Member

In my darkest times—when anguish and guilt severed my connection with God and others, when shame distorted my identity, and when trauma rewired my responses—I found refuge and restoration in God's love, particularly through Me4real. This community supported me across the chasm of my pain and guided me toward a compassionate understanding of myself. Me4real illuminated the true nature of God, teaching me that forgiveness is a gift I could extend to myself, releasing me from blame for the wounds I suffered involuntarily. Me4real's grace and the assurance of a shame-free identity in Christ have liberated me. I now embrace a life dedicated to God, intent on sharing His love with others who bear their own scars. My healing journey is continuous, a process of affirming to my inner self that safety and love envelop me....

Ayong Olive Team Member

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At Me4real International, we stand out as a beacon of purpose and transformation, dedicated to helping individuals of all ages align with their unique makeup and the divine purpose for which they were created. Here are compelling reasons to choose us:

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