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Discovery Bible Study (DBS)

Through this, team members gather to study the Word of God in order to grow thereby.


Me4real carries out training for different target groups as follows;

  • Life at the Crossroads for everyone who desires to grow their ability to connect with and help youths build good character
  • Lead with your life for those who are seeking to lead themselves and others better
  • Emotionally Healthy Discipleship for those who need help dealing with the baggage from their past in order to love God, themselves, and others well
  • High Trust Leader Certification (HTLC) for leaders who are interested in building trust with those they lead for greater impact
  • Trauma Counselor training, in partnership with the Green Cross Academy of Traumatology with the possibility of international certification
  • And many others


    We offer individual, and group counseling to help people with different challenges overcome them and be better versions of themselves. Some of our group sessions include grief and loss, anger, sexual abuse, alcohol, and other substances, etc.

      Support Group

      This is different from group counseling. Our support groups offer us and others a safe space where we can come and give an outlet to the things that trouble us in a supportive environment free of all forms of judgment.

    IDP program

    This program exists to support persons displaced internally due to the socio-political crisis in Cameroon. This program seeks to empower IDP families to thrive and find their footing in their new environments.

    The Food Pantry: To help the needy with basic survival needs like food, clothing, shoes, etc.

  • Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (EHS)

    This step-by-step program helps participants break free from the limitations of the baggage from their past

    Emotionally Healthy Relationships (EHR)

    EHR helps people acquire practical relationship skills that empower them to love better

    School Clubs

    Help secondary and high school students develop good character. Using the CrossRoads curriculum, we hold weekly meetings on campuses that open their doors to us throughout the academic year.

    Get Real Conferences

    As the name suggests, these conferences offer opportunities for people to confront different realities and share practical principles on how to deal with them in order to live more fulfilled lives

    Mentoring and coaching

    Tailored to fit the uniqueness of each person, we come alongside people to offer them the help they need to navigate different seasons of life. These are available for adolescents and adults upon request.