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Ministry Strategy


To fulfill our mission, we are INTENTIONAL to L.E.A.D. We do so we a sense of urgency because no one should have to wait till tomorrow to live the fulfilled life.


Live authentically

At the heart of the Me4real vision is helping people live the purpose-driven lives for which they were created. Authenticity (with God, self, and others) is non-negotiable if anyone is to connect with the freedom to be their best. The only thing that earns us the right to help others is being authentic ourselves.


Engage intentionally

Ministry is about serving others. Intentionality is a non-negotiable for success in any endeavor. We take our mission seriously and pursue it with passion in a manner that is consistent and intentional because results are never accidental.


Adapt strategically

Me4real believes that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to effective ministry. In the pursuit of its vision, we are keen on meeting people where they are, and adapting our resources to their unique realities in order to serve them effectively.


Develop holistically

Developing others is at the heart of Me4real. Building environments of grace where people are free to be themselves and be loved, not less, but more for it is central to what we do. We focus on building the whole individual so that they can, in turn, do the same.