About us

Me4Real International 10th anniversary

Me4Real International 10th anniversary


Me4real international exists to help children, adolescents, and adults live in line with their unique makeup and the purpose for which they were created in order to experience fulfillment in their personal lives and catalyze transformation in their relationships, communities and the world at large.


Empowering children, youths, and young adults to discover, embrace, develop, and maximize their potential for the glory of God and the good of humanity.

Mission Statement: Discover your uniqueness, live it, and create your unique impact.

Motto: Our uniqueness for a better world

What we believe

we believe that:

  • All people were created by God for a purpose
  • Every human being created by God is unique, and special, and possesses the potential to live out their purpose
  • Life's circumstances often interfere with people's ability to understand and live out this purpose
  • We all need someone to journey alongside us as we seek to live the lives we were made to live
  • If granted the right environment and circumstances, every human being has the ability to be a blessing to others

Why Me4real?

The CEO tells the story of how me4real came about.

Growing up is not quite easy given that most of the time our dreams and aspirations are contradicted by the practical circumstances that surround us. I have had my share of struggles with identity, personality, and purpose. Growing up, there was almost always a great chasm between what I had and what I wanted, who I was, and who I wanted to be. This left me frustrated a lot of the time and for a good proportion of my adolescent years, I compared myself with others around me, yielding to the pressure from peers, other friends, and relatives. My life was about either outdoing others or making significant others happy. The misery that ensued eventually pushed me to embark on the journey of discovering God's purpose for myself in order to find true life. That journey, which continues till date, is what grew to become Me4real.